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OG Carbon
Screen-Printed Electrodes

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A customisable platform for electrochemical biosensors

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Precise & Reliable Technology

OG Carbon electrodes are perfect for biosensor development, quality control systems and electrochemistry research.

  • Working & counter electrodes are thermo/chemical resistance carbon

  • Reference electrode is highly conductive Ag|AgCl

  • Printed on flexible PET substrate (L33 x W10 x H0.25mm)


Electrodes can be modified with unique designs, bespoke materials & next-gen sensor chemistries.

Low Cost Development Trials

A scaled down development trial can be conducted at first. This is a low cost process without large minimum order quantities.

High Throughput Manufacturing

The screen-printing process enables rapid manufacture of electrodes with great scalability.

Excellent Customer Support

We work with customers to understand their requirements and develop sensors that suit their needs.

Lower Cost.
Superior Quality.

OG Carbon Ltd uses superior carbon inks to ensure ultra high quality electrodes are printed.


The standardised design enables the electrodes to be used with most commercially available connector ports.


They are designed to be used with microlitre sample volumes to improve testing efficiency.

OG Carbon Ltd has worked with customers to screen-print nano-materials on the working electrode to create custom sensing layers.


OG Carbon electrodes are modifiable with a range of conductive materials including graphene & gold-nanoparticle based inks.

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