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Our Products

OG Carbon electrodes have been studied extensively. The response, precision & quality have been proven time and time again.

Superior Response

Case Study:
Imperial College London

OG Carbon Ltd is the premier supplier of electrodes for biosensor research at Imperial College London!


Characterisation has shown that excellent electrochemical detection can be achieved over a range of scan rates.


The cyclic voltammograms on the left (above for mobile site) show the electrochemical response for ferri/ferrocyanide at 30-80mV/s.

The std dev of OG Carbon electrodes were compared to electrodes from a leading competitor. The results on the left (above for mobile site) speak for themselves! Greater precision is achieved with OG Carbon. 

Case Study:
Leicester University

OG Carbon Ltd worked with Leicester University to develop flexible, wearable sensors for medical monitoring.


The use of molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) inks with OG Carbon electrodes was a great success! 

Due to our rapid manufacturing process we were able to provide hundreds of electrodes quickly and at a low-cost.


The small-scale production run was perfect for experimentation and provided proof-of-principle for large-scale manufacturing of their sensors.

Proven Track Record

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