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Discover How We Can Upgrade Your Biosensors

Our Services


Our electrodes can be modified with unique designs, bespoke materials & next-gen sensor chemistries. Contact us to discover how OG Carbon Ltd can be incorporated into you sensors.

High Throughput Manufacturing

The large scale screen-printing process enables rapid manufacturing of electrodes with great scalability. Screen-printing is one of the most commonly used techniques for the large scale manufacture of biosensors.

Low Cost Development Trials

We can manufacture your electrodes with a scaled down development trial. This is a low cost process as we have much smaller minimum order quantities than other companies.

Excellent Customer Service

We work with customers to understand their requirements and develop sensors that suit their needs. Contact us to discuss what you require and we will advise on what will or won't work with the screen-printing process.

A Range of Materials Can be Incorporated

OG Carbon Ltd has experience working with a range of conductive nano-materials at the forefront of biosensor research.


We can work with you to select the correct materials that give your preferred electrochemical response.

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